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    The Fifth Exchange Program between XAUAT students and American students brings to a successful close

    XAUAT and American Saint Martin's University renewed Academic Cooperation and Exchange Agreement

    Furious Spring and Full of Guests

    “The Lule? Confucius Institute” hosted by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology officially Inaugurated

    Our University has successfully bidden to host the Confucius Institute abroad

    Advancing the Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation,
    And Exploring on the Path of Developing Higher Education with Chinese Characteristics

    International Conference on Technology of Architecture and Structure was grandly held in Xi’an

    Last Night Witnessed A Grand Opening of the Soiree Gala Night for the 115th anniversary of Establishment and 55th anniversary of
    Combination of XAUAT

    IWA-CoFXIAN2011 International Conference Closed Successfully

    Grand Opening of IWA - CoFXIAN2011 International Conference Organized by XAUAT

    The conference ‘Cities of the Future: Technologies for integrated urban water management' will take place in Xi'an, from Sept.15 to Sept.19, 2011.

    Prof.Wang Xiaochang was awarded the title of Distinguished IWA Fellow by International Water Association in August, 2011

    XAUAT will celebrate its 55th aniversary from Sept.24 to Sept.26

    International Conference of Technology of Architecture and Structure will be held in Xi'an Hotel from Sept.22 to 24, 2011

    Delegation from Polytechic University of Tirana, Albenia headed by Rector, Prof. Kanani visited XAUAT from Aug.30 to Sept.1, 2011.

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    About XAUAT  
    Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Xian. To its far South is the world-famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda, built in the Tang Dynasty. Adjacent to the North, is the renowned city wall of the Ming Dynasty. The university covers an area of 3,100,000m2, including a construction area of 900,000m2. The campus is picturesque and charming and is permeated with a rich academic ambience... 
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    Address: No. 13 Yanta Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China
    Post code: 710055
    Tel: 86-29-82202169
    Fax: 86-29-82224571
    Email: intlexchange@xauat.edu.cn
    Website: www.tianma001.com

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